8 years ago, Kendell borrowed her sister’s camera to photograph some dogs for an adoption agency…


And she hasn’t put down the camera since. It all began with a Karma Project to help raise adoption rates for Ugly Mutts Dog Adoption Agency. Eight years and many magazine covers later, Kendell‘s experience and photography skills with buildings, business, people, and products continue to make her stand out from the pack. Kendell also photographs for businesses and real estate. If you are looking for commercial photography, head over to our sister site www.api360.ca.

Kendell MacLeod kendell.ca Wedding Family Baby


DJ Long kendell.ca photographer

DJ Long

Not only is DJ Kendells partner in life, he is also her second t in photography. You may see him at events as he also does the videography for api360.ca.

Gus Kendell.ca Best Dog Hamilton


Bark bark bark bark…woof.


Associates & Staff

Jim MacLeod

Invoices and accounting goes through Jim (walker of Gus, co-creator of Kendell) so you gotta be nice to him.