What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is a practice that improves movement and reduces pain by improving joint and muscle function. By getting the right parts working, and quieting down that which is over working and causing pain, you will find more stability and a decrease in pain.

You will discover more energy so you can get back to what you love to do, and you will develop the ability to be relaxed, stable, strong, and connected.

Who is Kendell?

Yoga Therapy Kendell Hamilton Ontario Ancaster Burlington Yoga De La Sol

Kendell is a certified Yoga Therapist who has been teaching yoga for 8+ years and has 1000+ hours of education. She is a self declared super nerd of yoga. With a quick wit, a deep understanding of movement, experience in yoga, and a history of sports - Kendell is able to deconstruct movement and give modifications for individuals quickly with great direction. She is also a photographer which has given her a ton of time spent looking at movement and bodies which reflects positively in her Yoga Therapy.

Who can do yoga therapy?

Absolutely everyone. Yoga Therapy is a very accessible form of movement that is easily modified to work for your individual body. Yoga is unique to each and every body that practices it. Yoga Therapy is to help you find your ideal pain free range of movement. Once you are aware of your range of movement, we can begin to increase strength and mobility.

Yoga therapy can help a diverse range of people to move, relax, and function with more strength and ease throughout their daily life.


Want to be pain free?

Yoga Therapy is fantastic for anyone dealing with injury, illness, pain, or ongoing discomfort. If you are looking for more strength and awareness in your body, or have been feeling limited and are unsure how to improve your strength and mobility. Yoga Therapy is also beneficial to anyone wanting to build a yoga practice.

OK. This sounds awesome. How do I get started?

You can join me for yoga therapy in three different ways:

Yoga Therapy Hamilton Ontario Ancaster Burlington Yoga De La Sol


Check out the online video content to add Yoga Therapy to your at home practice

Ready to get going?

Yoga Therapy Hamilton Ontario Ancaster Burlington Yoga De La Sol


One on one sessions are the fastest way to get out of pain.

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Yoga Therapy Hamilton Ontario Ancaster Burlington Yoga De La Sol


Prefer a group class? We absolutely understand!

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Here are some of Kendells awesome clients bragging about her!

Yoga Therapy Hamilton Ontario Ancaster Burlington Yoga De La Sol


Kendell's yoga therapy flow is the highlight of my week. As many of us do, I work at a desk, and every week pains or soreness change based on stress or habitual movement. Kendell starts her class asking what our bodies need, and then tailors the class to fit and address those needs. I leave her class feeling physically better but also more informed about how to take care of myself in my own time.

Yoga Therapy Hamilton Ontario Ancaster Burlington Yoga De La Sol


After a careful assessment Kendell set to work with me to help identify some areas I wanted to straighten and strengthen. She took notes during the session, checked in frequently after working through each microscopic muscle movement and gave me homework. Her approach is calm and collaborative with lots of feedback throughout the session. Yoga therapy works best when the client is committed to following through between sessions. I have no doubt that Kendell is committed.

Yoga Therapy Hamilton Ontario Ancaster Burlington Yoga De La Sol


Kendell has helped me so much through yoga therapy, especially with my recent shoulder injury. She is very caring and calming during our sessions and takes the time to help me feel relief and relaxation. Yoga therapy with Kendell benefits my health and I'm always pleased with my results because of her.