Class 1

In this class we are learning how to feel and strengthen the hip flexors. If your hip flexors are functioning well, then yoga postures like Warrior 3 become easily accessible. Join Kendell for an awesome class and learn how you can move better with more strength! It’s gonna be awesome!

Yoga Therapy Yoga De La Sol Hamilton Kendell Warrior 2

Class 2

What in the world does walking on a pole have to do with Warrior 2? Join Kendell to find out. This class will deconstruct Warrior 2 to help you find more stability in your posture. She will also cover how to strengthen your outer legs and how to mobilize the feet for more strength.

Yoga Therapy Kendell Tree Pose De La Sol Hamilton Ontario

Class 3

TIMBEEEERRRR! Feeling unstable in your tree pose? Learn how to utilize the hip flexors, outer leg, and hamstring to make this pose easy and stable. Walking on a pole will show you how responsive your feet need to be and how easily it can be achieved. Build your mobility from the ground up!

Yoga Therapy Hamilton Ontario Ancaster Burlington Yoga De La Sol


Crescent pose is a common posture in yoga and it can lead to some real low back issues if not done correctly for your individual body. If you’ve hit a plateau with your practice, learning how to push and pull for better transitions and also how to build strength in the pelvis can help your Crescent pose a ton!

Lets get going!

Yoga Therapy Hamilton Ontario Ancaster Burlington Yoga De La Sol


Putting it all together!

This is the class that pulls together the last 4 classes into an awesome flow session. It shows you how you can utilize the Yoga Therapy moves Kendell has already covered and use them to move well in and out of postures and how to feel more strength in your postures.

Yoga Therapy Hamilton Ontario Ancaster Burlington Yoga De La Sol

Class 6

Whats this class going to be about? Kendell doesn’t even know! Stay tuned because we are always recording new content and trying to keep things fresh and new for you. Stay tuned!

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